Saturday, March 10, 2012


  • Unintentional approach
  • Divert organizational resources
  • Unable to achieve the present goal
        Goal displacement may be stated as a situation in which new goals has been developed by completely disregarding the strategy, operational and tactical goal for survivable of organization. Goal displacement is the act of unintentional goal in the original goal into a new goal. Such displacement diverts organizational resources away from the organizational goal. When served goal become the primary goal in an organization goal displacement takes place.
For example: Many cinema hall in our country have been converted into party palace and go down due to lack of audience as movies are now a days  easily available to cable-TV and in compact disk.

Reason for Goal Displacement :

1. Goal conflict : When organizational goal conflict with individual goals and personal goal displacement takes place. It basically occurs when there is absence of consensus in an organization.

2. Means-End Inversion : 
End – Goal
Means – process, way
         End is what is to be achieved and means is how it is to be achieved. When an management developed strict rule regulation, policies and procedures to perform organizational functions then employee proper attention to follow these rules and discipline not to the accomplishment of task due to which goal displacement takes place.

3. Abstract Goal : If original goal are abstract, uncertain and unclear displacement takes place. If the goals are not made clear then members of the organization can not achieved it with limited resources. So, goal must be specific and achievable that can be translated into operational goal, otherwise it is displaced.

4. Goal Substitution : When long term goal are substituted by short term goal displacement takes place. For example: Increasing market share by 10% is the long term goal can be substituted by increases in productivity or sell by 20% which is short term goal.

5. Employee Attitudes : Unproductive attitudes of employee to original goals lead to goal displacement if employee have a positive goals they can be achieved in an effective way. But if employee and there union have a negative attitudes towards it; they may not perform effectively and give priority to personal goal.